Traeger Smoked Beef Plate Short Ribs

  I’ve been smoking meat for years and NOTHING compares to a perfectly cooked beef plate short ribs. Imagine all the glory of brisket but on a bone! These ribs are so perfect on their own that they don’t require BBQ sauce but I won’t blame you if you want to try it both ways. […]

Traeger Smoked Beef Shank

Traeger Smoked Beef Shank

  The price of beef is out of this world right now. What if I told you that you could make some delicious pulled beef for less than $4.99 a pound? Let me introduce you to the beef shank. I’ve officially adopted this as my preferred meat for shredded beef, even more so than chuck […]

Traeger Smoked Beef Tri Tip

  Tri-tip is a cut of beef I’ve wanted to smoke forever. The reality is that it’s been really difficult to get a hold of this cut and the few times I have seen it the prices were out of the world. However, I recently saw a display at my local Costco with a ton […]

Traeger Smoked Filet Mignon Medallion

  One of my favorite deals to find is whole beef tenderloins that come untrimmed. On a good day, I can find one of these between $7.99-9.99 per pound. On a great day, it will go as low as $5.99 lb. I recently picked up one of these bad boys and cut half into a […]

Traeger Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

I grew up eating corned beef brisket but in a more “traditional way”. My mother used to boil it in water with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. I always enjoyed this meal but it wasn’t until I tried smoked corned beef that I realized how much I was missing out. Unlike most of my smoker recipes, […]

Traeger Smoked New York Strip Steak

This past weekend the family ran to Costco. This is basically meat heaven for all of us who enjoy smoking. During this trip, we picked up a pack of really nice new york strips. The method of cooking this steak on the smoker is very similar to the recipes I’ve shown you all for t-bone […]

Traeger Smoked BBQ Beef Chuck Riblets

When someone mentions ribs, a lot of us including myself immediately think of fall-off-the-bone bbq pork ribs. What is often forgotten is the wonders of beef chuck ribs. These ribs come in a few different cuts. Today’s smoke walks you through making beef chuck ribs. You can typically get two different types of chuck ribs. […]

Traeger Smoked Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

I can’t even contain my excitement in sharing this recipe with all of you. The Tomahawk ribeye steak is by far the most ridiculous (amazing) cut of beef available. If you aren’t aware, the tomahawk ribeye differs from a traditional ribeye steak as it has the full rib attached to the steak. Move-over t-bone and […]

Traeger Smoked Porterhouse Steak

When you think the king of steaks many immediately think of the porterhouse steak. No other steak offers you the perfection of a new york strip AND filet mignon within the same steak. The porterhouse is the sister to the t-bone steak which while amazing when smoked. In fact, the only difference between the two […]

Traeger Smoked Top Sirloin Steak

We have been smoking a lot of beef recently. I already shared with you my recipe for smoked t-bone steak, beef ribeye steak, and whole beef tenderloin. Today I share a recipe for a cut of meat that’s far more economical – Top Sirloin. Don’t confuse the smaller price tag as poorer quality of meat. […]