Traeger Smoked Top Sirloin Steak

serves 5 people
Total time: 65 min
Prep time: 10 min
Pellet type: Blend
Smoke temp: 225 degrees
Internal temp: 135 degrees

We have been smoking a lot of beef recently. I already shared with you my recipe for smoked t-bone steak, beef ribeye steak, and whole beef tenderloin. Today I share a recipe for a cut of meat that’s far more economical – Top Sirloin.

Don’t confuse the smaller price tag as poorer quality of meat. In my experience, each cut of beef has a different taste and purpose. For instance, we fried up some shoestring potatoes for our own at-home attempt at Steak Frites. This smoked sirloin steak was a hit with the entire family.

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Ingredients Needed For Smoking A Ribeye Steak

  • 2 lb beef sirloin steak
  • 3 tbsp of your favorite steak seasoning (or a combination of garlic salt and black pepper)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

Preparing Your Sirloin Steak

This is the easiest part of the entire recipe. Take the sirloin steak out of the package and dab it dry with a paper towel. At this point, you want to add your steak seasoning.  I used Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning but you can use your favorite store-bought seasoning or your own at-home combination. You can never go wrong with a basic salt and pepper mixture if you’re light on the seasonings in your cupboard.

Smoking at 225 degrees

Top sirloin steak does not have a lot of fat so this smoke will be quick. Heat up your pellet smoker to 225 degrees. My two-pound steak took roughly 45 minutes to reach 120 degrees. I highly recommend that you take your steak out of the smoker 10 degrees before your preferred temperature. Reverse seeing this sirloin will bring the temperature up to my family’s desired medium-rare 130-135 degrees.

Reverse Searing and Resting Your Top Sirloin Steak

As mentioned above, you will want to remove your sirloin from the smoker at 120 degrees. I then take the meat inside and brush a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil on each side of the meat.

For this recipe, I’m using my gas grill for the reverse sear as it gets to a higher temperature (500+) vs my Traeger pellet grill. You can use your pellet smoker or a cast iron pan on the stove works well too. You want to add the meat to the grill/pan to obtain a perfect sear. For this sirloin, I cooked it for 2 minutes on each side.

After you remove the sirloin steak from the grill (or smoker) let it rest for 5-10 minutes to reabsorb the juices. I recommend cutting the entire steak into 1/3 inch strips. Enjoy!

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Traeger Smoked Top Sirloin Steak

Budget steak doesn't have to taste cheap. This smoker recipe will have you buying up top sirloin everytime you have the opportunity.
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1 hour 5 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Resting Time 10 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
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